Saturday, October 14, 2006

Today The World, Tomorrow The Desert

This photo is of Kristian Hoffman and Lance Loud of The Mumps at an early (1976) CBGB gig.

This, in today's New York Times from Richard Hell about our beleaguered Watering Hole of Love, Debauch and Angst, CBGB, which closes this weekend. As Hell points out in the loveliest way (read it, I'm telling you), CBGB's is to be reconstructed floor to the rafters in the glaring neon center of the American desert. In the words of PerryWhite ; "GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST". If you had told me then, that today I would be forced to endure the sight of twenty-first century babies wearing CBGB "creepers" and tees I might have taken more drugs.
There's this too in The New York Post

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