Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Book of Face May Burn

I've always been intrigued by the library at Alexandria, so while I was on a small team building what was to be a literary archive, I listed Alexandria as my Home on my profile on the book of Face. I left it there for another reason. I began to get Egyptian advertising which obviously is in another alphabet, making it easy to distinguish between my friend's (and acquaintances and other people I've allowed onto my page) posts and the ads themselves. A couple of people recently asked about it in "message" function. They pointedly asked if I live in Egypt. One of them is someone I don't actually know but who had asked to be my "friend" a while back. I explained the above to two, maybe three people total over the last  few weeks (answering in the "message" function.) You guessed it, right?  I'm no longer receiving the Egyptian ads. You can decide for yourself whether or not this means anything. Thought most of you would like to know. Please read THIS too (by Michael Daly): http://thebea.st/15CkXkf

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