Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Somewhat Satisfied Kindle Customer

I'm like anyone who loves gadgets, art, reading and a social life. Make what you want of the order.
I want them to come together in a portable format that lives forever.
That's an order some bright entrepreneurial upstart of a start-up should be able to take on, right? All you have to do is blend the features that are out there on several individual devices into one earth shattering K.O. of customer satisfaction. Take the groovy stuff from the iphone (which is just about everything but definitely not the phone) and mix with Kindle 2 and laptop. Okay, maybe the forever part is too much to ask for just yet. If you're a company that's doing this, please keep me in your loop.


if none of you Upstart Startups are out there listening/creating my monster winner of a device then Jeff B., Michael D., get together. This one's for you:

Dear Kindle Laboratory and Dell -

I can't wait for some groovy laptop (no names, please), and the kindle 2 to mate. With all the great features of the parents, they'd make a beautiful kid that will also entice younger buyers.

Give us the size and weight of the kindle 2 with a screen that would take up more of the face.

The option of backlight or none (reading books with no backlight is esp. good after looking at a backlit screen all day at work.)

Looks count: (choice of skins, font, color, etc.)

More: battery, books Wi-Fi-surfspeed of light, baby!
All the cool apps that now go mostly to iphone users.
While I'm asking: HELP SAVE OUR NEWSPAPERS. You know you can do it with this hybrid.

C'mon. Let us buy it for some reasonable folding green.

I mean, it's not like you're crossing an elephant with a housecat.

Is it?


Your mostly loyal customer

P.S. You know this really is what the people want.

Here's more evidence and wish lists:

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