Thursday, May 26, 2011

Los Angeles Artist Daniel Gonzalez

On the Los Angeles Review of Books today you'll see the extraordinary art of Daniel Gonzalez, along with a terrific review by Stephanie Elizondo Griest of Ed Vulliamy's Amexica: War Along the Borderline. I first worked with Daniel on the Los Angeles Loteria Project for Aardvark Letterpress. He developed his contribution to the letterpress project as an homage to Boyle Heights.

"My earliest childhood memories of Los Angeles are of crossing bridges of concrete and vines, of the feeling of excitement as I traveled through and over these Neo-Gothic structures, of being transported to the throbbing heart of the city. Growing up in Boyle Heights, I was surrounded by bridges on the west edge, the flats; Macy Street Bridge, First Street Bridge, 4th Street Bridge, 6th Street Bridge; all of them spanning the river west to work and reaching east home, always the sun at our backs, all of them filling the gap between dreams and reality."

Daniel has spent his life "between two countries", the US and Mexico. His extraordinary, thoughtful work reflects his intimate connection to the places he has lived and his conscious effort to inspire awareness of issues that tear us apart. His unique and personal work elicits nostalgic echoes of WPA artists like Anton Refregier. Daniel is an advocate of social responsibility, peace, and activism. Get involved. See what he's been up to here.

UCLA Labor Center Poster 2011


The UCLA Labor Center has commissioned artwork for their 2011 fundraiser. The DLC houses a growing library, workstations for student researchers, conference rooms, and staff offices. The center occupies two floors of the building and provides a centrally located meeting space for up to two hundred participants that is frequently used by unions and community partners. Learn how you can support the Labor Center here. It's always an honor to work with such a great institution doing important work organizing labor movements in Los Angeles and abroad!

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