Monday, October 20, 2008

See this Art

Greg Colson's plates for "Hollywood Bowl"

This year, I've been working with Aardvark Letterpress where we started a Fine Art Editions division. Aardvark is a historic letterpress business in L.A. well-known to anyone who is particular about the quality of their invitations and stationery.
The first series of prints specifically created for the new division; Los Angeles Loteria I was introduced this summer in a very, very reasonably priced medium sized edition. It's a unique and diverse project with some awe-inspiring artists, some of whom were asked by me to contribute, including; Andre Miripolsky, Dan McCleary, Sammy Harkham, Greg Colson, Ed Wexler. This group of beautiful, thoughtful, narrative works of art should disabuse anyone of the notion that Los Angeles is all tinsel.
Prints are available individually for a remarkable (believe me) one-time only price of $300.00 or as a suite. Art is still a good investment and even if I hadn't spent myself on the project, I'd spend the bucks to buy it. The prices go up to $375.00 per print in January. Your purchase will also help us to complete the next series.
I manage the blog, too. Check it and all of the other wonderful artists and their works and let us know what you think.
Los Angeles Loteria I will be on exhibition at the Bridge Gallery in L.A.'s City Hall from November 25 to December 29th sponsored by Council President Eric Garcetti.

Dan McCleary signs "La Calavera

"Bugs" Moran

I bought a folder of news bureau photos a while back and this one was included. There is a slightly different version available elsewhere on the internet but this one was shot a mili-second or two before or after and is in the clear of a shadow. This picture was taken 78 years ago.

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