Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bed Bug Blues as interpreted by Dave Van Ronk

I've had the pleasure of seeing Paul F. Tompkins many times. It's way more than a pleasure, actually. One of those times, he did a brilliant riff on bed bugs based on having seen a CBS Good Morning segment which according to him claims "everybody" will eventually be personally acquainted with them. I've yet to have an intimate experience with the dreaded bed bug but I'm pretty fascinated by the photographs of these bugs and their bites. Please, please read the reviews and see the pix of bug bites from stays at the Hotel Carter on trip advisor. And here's a fun video made by someone on desk duty there. 

Now you can presumably get a higher class bite at a 5 star joint as well. I was obsessed with the Bed Bug Blues, a song I heard delivered by Dave Van Ronk when I was a kid. Have a listen on Spotify. It's on a great folk record called Dave Van Ronk sings. And he does. Descriptive, isn't it?

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