Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Surviving Snack Food Recall, Headbutts and Buttheads

Well, I think we're out of the woods on this one (see post below).
There is no evidence of Salmonella Poisoning in our household.

There is Scooter Pardoning, or I should say, sentence commuting.
If that didn't get you gagging, there is another example of fraught decision making by Barack Obama who yesterday said, just vote 'em out.
If we forgive the current administration for malevolent high crimes and misdemeanors that make Nixon look practically benevolent, if we can impeach Bill Clinton for lying about oral sex, but not impeach Bush/Cheney/Rove for the gutting of our constitution or a war that has killed thousands, broken our budget and was predicated on a lie, then we must all be on crack.
If you want to get straight again, here's a rehab: Hullabaloo

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