Monday, January 08, 2007

Tubular Alarm Bells

I will never buy this kind of toothpaste tube again. At sea level, it oozes and runs like a boil and at high altitudes (say 1000 ft. and up) it is likely to gush and spew. Somebody or perhaps an entire committee thought this was an attractive solution to the wrong problems. Does everyone lose their screw top? Does anyone want to stand their tube on its head as this is meant to do? These are the only reasons I could come up with for such a phenomenal waste of plastic. If you use this, what do you do to keep the thing clean? Should I ignore the pooling pile of blue grit, the fact that you can't even squeeze the last inch or so of toothpaste out because of the hulking piece of plastic that the top presses into (which is rigid and can't be manipulated). You have to just let it run out into a puddle on a plate or something if you want to use it up. I won't, of course. I'm just going to throw it away and write this. Imagine the energy required to produce this piece of garbage that will be with us forever. It's true function is as a thing of waste. It's a tubal monument to bad design and it should just screw off.


M. C. Valada said...

Can't say I'm too fond of the new Crest design either. I am storing it on its head, though. Love the fox picture and the deer-like critters in the snow. While you won't get me to your hideaway this time of year, I'd love to go in the summer or early fall to catch color change and migrations.

Julie King said...

Wait a minute. I have that toothpaste, too. Totally not tubular...

echoplex said...

and what has become of Brush-Ups??
can't find them anywhere... Noo!

after coffee at work i loved "brushing up" but now...?

i hate the 90's!

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