Monday, January 29, 2007

back in the day (a cringeworthy expression)

Why, just scads of people aren't lucky enough to see the so-stated apex of their era enshrined in their own lifetime--or unlucky enough. However it seems/feels to you, no one ever gets it quite right. It's the Rashoman nature of memory. In spite of the fact that BLONDIE, TALKING HEADS, TELEVISION and other bands of NYC's downtown scene never wanted to be called PUNK (unless, sensibly, they started making money being called it) Deborah Harry writes the intro. The picture of her on the adjacent page is more Debbie the Disco Princess but in most of the book, MOJO gets it right. It's heavy on the photos and a few of them are mine. You might want it. So here it is: PUNK: The Whole Story

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