Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are You Fan Enough?

Hey Kissology/Phantom/Dirty Dee fans;

You read my story HERE. Now buy this shirt.
Artist Rick von Dehl came up with this cool design.

Dirty Dee Beefy T's come in black with design in white on the front.

"Chopper don't hurt nobody less he wants to."
Order may take up to 4 weeks.

Order on Ebay beginning August 17th 2009

Search: Dirty Dee Tee


--mcc said...

Hi there,

In a strange coincidence, I happened to watch both the "Main Attraction" episode of AMAZING STORIES and Jim McBride's THE BIG EASY and noticed you were in both (and performing very well in both, I might add). After looking you up online and found your blog and it's great to see your current photos and other works. At any rate, very nice to see you're still out there creatively and thanks very much for the terrific performances you've given and continue to give. :)

A New Fan

Lisa Jane Persky said...

Thanks, New Fan!
Very nice of you to write...and much appreciated!

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