Monday, February 04, 2008

creepy racist creates an overweight america, dies.

Earl Butz, finally.

Bailed out the farmers in the Reagan era by converting the use of sugar to corn in everything.
Corn syrup is killing us.
Plus, remember how good everything used to taste? 

If one great product would go back to using sugar they would surely experience a tremendous boost in sales. let's try to get someone to do it. Say...Milky Way, Coca-Cola, Devil Dogs?!

Call me optimisty eyed.

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David B said...

I agree. Studies have shown a rapid rise in American weight since the use of HFCS replaced natural sugar. Depending on how much you like soda, Jones Soda (or pop, as they call it here in PA) brand is really good with some flavors that are completely nuts! I like your photos by the way, especially the lonescapes.

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