Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When Worlds Collide

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This is a picture I took at the Whisky-A-Go-Go. I think it was at a Mumps gig. Someone remind me. That's our friend Gorilla Rose just behind him. He used to manage WACKO on Melrose among other things illustrious, that you may already know. I didn't meet Tomata until around 1977 (when I'd first gone out to Los Angeles to live). One night we were talking about how weird it was that we hadn't crossed paths in NY. We knew alot of people in common including H.M.Koutoukas who wrote the first play I was in. It was titled "Grandmother Is In The Strawberry Patch". H.M. or "Harry" also penned my all-time-favorite play title:"Terrible People are Coming Over and We Have To Pretend To Be Busy So They'll Go Away". Anyway I was describing the opening night during which the lead actress "choked", right in the middle of the long first act, couldn't remember a thing, and we were all dancing around trying to make up for her and get her back on track but she was just frozen-at which point, Harry, who was in the back row came roaring down the middle aisle past the full house, bellowing at lung-spitting levels "THIS IS PROFESSIONALISM??" He came onto the stage and shouted at us to "GO BACK! GO BACK AND START AGAIN-FROM THE BEGINNING!" So we went back and started the whole play over again. Tomata listened to this and then grabbed his head and said " I WAS THERE! OH MY GOD! YOU MEAN THAT WASN'T PART OF THE PLAY?"

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